Rigify and BVH Import .


I’m new to Blender and learning the rigging and weight painting at the moment.

I tried using the Rigify add-on (which I saw was awesome) and I’m running into issues. It doesn’t work with Blender (RC2 2.78) and It also has issues with 2.77a, (the work was saved, came back the following day, opened it and hell broke loose).

When I am doing basic rigging, I’m unable to rotate my bones in RC2 2.78:(.

I tried using the motion capture tools add-on to Re-Target BVH files but, it too seems to have issues in Version 2.77a
I was trying to have a rig that is able to receive BVH & FBX data and have the the ability to edit the motion. I do a lot of motion capture (Brekel, IPIsoft and PrioVR), I know it possible with Rigfy but, it is having issues even before I’m able to import the motion capture files.

I’m able to map the character meshes on to the imported BVH rig but, it is time consuming to keep doing that at every import.

What are you all using for a motion capture workflow.

Please help, Thanks in advance.

Best Regards;

We really need to see your blend file to comment. You should post it with just the relevant bits to pasteall.org/blend and post the link here. I use Rigify with 2.77 and 2.78 on both Mac and Ubuntu and it works just fine, so we need to see what you are having problems with. As for MOCAP workflow, I cannot help you there as I do not use this method in my work, maybe others will help once they see your project.

Cheers, Clock.

PS Welcome to BA! You should really post at least an image and preferably a blend file to maximise the help you will receive here.

Hey Clockmender!

Hope all is well! I was able to resolve my issue with Rigify shortly after posting, lol! I also was able to use the BlenderTools addon to re-target motion capture data, instead of the motion capture Tools addon, Yay!

Currently looking into editing bones\meshes after a “Copy Location” Constraint has been applied, wondering if I’m able to re-position bones by either parenting it to another bone or object and just move the parent but, so far I’ve been very unsuccessful:(.

But, overall I’m really enjoying Blender, the community is amazing and very happy to be a part of it.

Thank you so much!
Best Regards;