Rigify and Face Bone Rig Setup Question (Blender 2.57.0 (r36331M))

Hi All,
I’ve added Rigify to my model and think it is placed pretty well.
I have now tried to add a face rig with Khuuyj’s Face Bone Tool.

As you can see, my character is not of realistic proportions and so it is difficult to guess how the bones should be repositioned. I have seen all of the video clips on youtube but they are a demo of what it does and not how to set it up.
I’m finding the same with the body bones it will add to Rigify.
Also, as you can see, the bones look correct in Edit mode but the bones are stretched in Pose mode. Any ideas what is wrong there?

Has anyone found a good reference for placing the bones?
Is there a .blend file I could download that would let me better understand the bone placement?

This seems pretty cool from what I have watched but I need help setting it up.


The issue with stretching though - there’s probably a stretch to constraint on the bones that are stretching out in pose mode. Go to the bone constraints panel and click the “reset” button on the constraint.

That was it! thanks.
I reset them and everything got happy again.

If anyone is using the face rig and has some insight as to why these sliders are not working I would be appreciative to hear.
I looked in the Action editor and could not find the controls defined but I am new to some of this and could be missing something.

are those sliders created by the Kuuyj’s face bone tool? i’m not familiar with that tool. can you post a screenshot of the sliders you’re talking about?

The sliders are are created by the face bone tool.
The lip sync one work but the face ones do nothing.
All the sliders are set to take a value of 0-1.

just looking at this, they may not be driving anything. those don’t look like they have anything to do with actions, they look like shape key drivers, the kind that the Sintel rig features. do you know how to set up drivers using the graph editor?

for example, the Rigify sliders in that properties tab (like the IK switch sliders, neck-follow-head rotation slider, etc) are all driving "custom property"s created in the “Object” tab. if you select the armature, and you go to the “Object” tab, do you see some custom properties listed down at the bottom?

humbly, i could be totally wrong about what those sliders are for since i’ve never used the tool you’re using. but if i’m not, and there are some custom properties there, then i might be able to help you set them up to drive a shape key.

edit: nevermind, i AM wrong. i should have watched the Face Bone Tool demo video before replying. i wanna test it out myself, now. i’ll take a stab at it tomorrow and see if i can run into the same problem you’re having.

dude, i’m really sorry about the embarrassingly late reply on this. i kept getting wrapped up in things during the day and forgetting to check out the actions thing during reasonable hours. did you figure out your problem?

that’s a really neat facial rig! but honestly, i couldn’t actually figure out how to bring up the lipsync action sliders in the properties sidebar (where ARE those sliders?). so i never ran into this problem. i noticed something though…rigify’s a pretty quick/responsive rig. but adding the “face bones” that khuuyj’s (awesome) tool generates reaaaally makes the rig lag. i am using it on a character i’m gonna be animating for a film, and i straight up deleted every single action constraint because they made the rig so stinkin “heavy”. those actions are only used for lip sync anyway, so my suggestion to you is just to make lip shape keys for lip syncing, create a few bones to drive them, and only use those shape keys for lip syncing instead of the actions.

Hey, thanks for looking at this. Don’t worry about the reply time. I just appreciate the reply.
To see the sliders you have to be in OBJECT MODE. For me they just show up at that point.
I am just starting to figure out rigging so anything is help for me.
I have touched the action editor and still follow tutorials to do it.
I have not finished the character yet cause I got stuck here.
I would be interested in knowing how to get rid of the action constraints and the sliders if you can find them and tell me.

Thanks again,

AHH, i seeeee. object mode, though??? that’s weird. so i misspoke. i didn’t actually delete the actions themselves - i actually need to, because i don’t care to have them muddying up my files when i start appending my characters into other files for animating. i don’t use the action editor much when i animate, so can’t remember offhand how to completely delete an action. the “X” button just removes the action from the editor so that you don’t keep editing it as you key bones.

what i did was delete the action constraints on all the control bones. even simply doing that makes the rig calculate SO much faster. there may be a faster way that i’m not aware of to delete a bunch of constraints at once, but here’s what i did: click on the control bones one at a time, go to the bone constraints tab, delete every action constraint.

since i wasn’t sure if the sliders were even in my rig, i didn’t check for the script that makes those sliders appear in the properties sidebar. i’m gonna look tomorrow (it’ll actually be tomorrow since i need to get rid of all the extraneous stuff in my own rig) for such a script.

ok so to delete the “Lip_Rig” action, go to the dope sheet, bring up the action editor, then bring up the “Lip_Rig” action, and shift+click the “X” to delete the action. if you save and re-open the file at any point, the action should be gone.

i don’t know how the sliders are scripted into the properties sidebar. there isn’t an extra script running that i can see, just the rigify one. i don’t know a whole lot about python and how blender’s properties sidebar is scripted, so i’m kind of at a loss with that…

Sorry hard to understand.
I had not think it to be bundled in the builds on GraphicAll.org,and I think so,too.

Face_nnn is blank.
At first,those were only lip that could be added by VSQ Importer(Preset pose is lip for Japanese key,but it add keys out of existing keys. Though it is not only alphabets,but any phonetic symbol charactor of VSQ).
There were men who think it can move all of face,so I added Face_nnn.

I think that constraints are too many.
So I made the simpler scripts,but blending pose script often woluld not work with driver error when Blender updated,and I’m waiting to confirm which it can work or not.

If you don’t need the pose blend function,I think,you can use more simple add-on.
*BlendPose in here may be unable to work,and make heavy with error process.

khuuyj, thanks for the update and for the explanation. i used your face bone tool on the rig for the character in my avatar and it works like a dream. i hope my previous posts about it didn’t seem like i was running my mouth. it really is a wonderful add-on for those such as myself that are less skilled at facial rigging and tend to rely on shape keys. the actions bog down the rig, i felt, but i would have deleted them anyway because i had a set of viseme shape keys for lip sync already. thank you for the link to the simpler script, i’ll try that out.

i just a watched a video of your blend pose add-on, that’s really cool. do you have any tutorials on how you made the face bone tool rig, by any chance?

BlendPose is often broken with the problem of driver when Blender is updated.
I think the best way to solve the problem is the finish of pyconstraint,so I do nothing against the problem now.

The facial bones arrangement is following this.
Though this is old and different from the add-on I made,but the idea is same.

thank you, i watched your video previously about the face bone tool, in order to get a general idea of where the bones needed to be placed, but the time-lapse parts went by so quickly that i had to do some guess work there. but i like the image where you drew the facial muscles, that’s a helpful reference too.

i’m more curious if you have any videos about your rigging technique - how you created the rig from the ground up. i’m terrible at facial rigging, so i’ve always used shape keys, but i prefer the control you can get with bones.