Rigify and Root Motion in Unity. Latest Version not working?

I’m trying to get root motion to work with my Blender character. The issue is that the character keeps lunging backwards, since for some reason whichever bone I pick to be the root node is delayed as you see in the transform. (https://media.giphy.com/media/MczFKgE17JI7LZPQqj/giphy.gif)

I believe the problem is Rigify. I followed this great tutorial based on an older version of Blender (https://youtu.be/SsHCkK4iou0). But I still hit this issue, with and noticed some differences. The nodes that show up are different and mostly missing. Changing to humanoid does not work since the ‘head’ is missing which is not the case. And the biggest difference is the lunging backwards.

I created a simple 4 bone rig with the cube as seen in the gif and that moved with the root motion, so I am not sure why I am getting issues with the character. I’ve tried different methods of FBX export and no results yet. If anyone was able to use Rigify with Unity/Root Motion, I would really appreciate the help! Thanks.