Rigify and unity3d

Hi guys,

I have been playing around with the rigify addon for blender.

What I am trying to do is find an easier way for people to be able to model objects in blender, Rig them, Import them into unity and use unity3d mecanim to do the animations.

The problem I have at the moment is that unity says you need to delete all the data or extra animation controllers before you import it into unity.

I looked at the results of rigify.

  1. There is layers for the skeletons which contain a whole bunch of data. Is there anyway to delete a layer and what it contains? All I want to be left with is the basic rig.

  2. Apparently I have to delete all the WGT named objects. Is there a faster way to delete multiple things in the outliner rather than one by one.

The tutorial I am following can be found here:


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys

The reason for the above is that I am trying to create a course on how to build Virtual and Augmented reality applications. So I am trying to find ways to help make things as smooth as possible for the students.

Later on, I hope they will make their own rigs for characters they create. But for now they just need a starting position.