Rigify Animbox | Animation

Hey Valentin, thanks a ton for the addon!
I have been using the older version, and some of the features are priceless for non-Rigify rigs too :slight_smile:

Had a request though… if it would be possible to add this feature back in the new one…


This worked well with the non-Rigify rigs too and was a life safer!

Thanks again for the efforts you’ve put into this!! ^^


Hi, thank you for kind words :slight_smile:

“Foot Down” for Rigify is there, it looks like this:


You don’t even need to select anything …

oh yesyes but the non - selection is only for rigify rigs i think… because on normal rigs(non-rigify), it seems to have stopped working …
also just on a side note - the new addon version seems to be clashing with the other addon X-Pose Picker … apparently hovering over X-pose picker keeps spawning graph editor behind it if the new version is enabled (idk if it’s only me)
but anyways rolling back to old version for non-rigify foot down and compatability with X-pose picker…
Thanks again, and stay safe! ^.^

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Great addon. Thank you.
I have trouble - after creating " basic quadrupedal (Meta-Rig)" i can’t configure “Multi-Limb Magic WALK” and “Multi-Limb Magic WALK Run” to move front foot.

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Hi, it’s for two-legged creatures currently…
Quadruped walk/run cycle - on the way :slight_smile: