Rigify armature error -

  • in Rigify, I rigged a dog made of multiple objects; the amature worked, except for the eyes, which between the metarig had no vertex group created.
  • creating and assigning the vertex group manually didn’t work (because the armature had no link between controlling widget and vertex group?)

However, I try to overwrite the armature, this time selecting all objects at the same time, the metarig last, and I get a new error:

RIGIFY ERROR: Bone 'eye.L': 
Incorrect armature for type 'skin_eye'

This happens also if I un-parent everything, and I try to parent only one object (the dog body) to the metarig.

So, the problem should be of the metarig only, and specifically of the eye’ bones, But I can’t figure what should be.

I have not deleted any bone, in the rig.

Please help?

Solved with scrapping the rig, and redo it with super_copy ofeyes bones for deform.

Not sure what was the error, specially because I had not deleted any bone, and connection links to parents were correct. Boh! :slight_smile: