Rigify Bone Mirror in 2.8 (Kinda urgent!)

The version of Rigify in 2.8 is missing bone mirror opinion.

How do I get that functionality back?

David Domingues

As far as I know, 2.8 dont support all the Rigify features yet.

what bone mirror?
in pose mode? ctrl C/ ctrl+shift+v
in edit mode? F3 and search for symmetrize

I was looking for the real-time feature in 2.79. Thanks anyway

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for:

When you are in Edit mode, with a bone selected, use the Armature Menu and choose Symmetrize - in earlier versions of 2.8 there was only one option there (X-mirror)

hope this helps!

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Yup! That was it.

Thanks :wink: