Rigify: can I sell products if I use it to generate my rigs? 2020

i want to sell a 3d blender model i will make on a stock 3d site
in this forum post Rigify: can I sell products if I use it to generate my rigs?

in the end they say that you need to save the rig_ui.py as a separate file
is this legally still the case

if it is then blender saves a local copy of the script in the blend file and asks the user to recreate it if the external one is deleted. will this have legal ramifications

if it will have legal ramifications is there any way to this blender behavior from happening

I think you’re zeroing in on the wrong response from that post. The information from the developer is here:

He states that " And then the over-all rig can be under whatever license you like.In short: do whatever you want, I’m not going to sue you anyway. My intent is that people be able to do whatever they want with the generated rigs." I would take that at face value, he’s stated publicly that he won’t sue someone, so you have no legal troubles to worry about.

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Rigify comes with the Blender. For this reason, you will not met any problem.

Any art you create in Blender is yours and you can do whatever you like with it, including selling it.
Note that your art does NOT automatically become Open Souce. You have all rights over the blend file and anything you created in it.
Since Rigify is part of Blender, the same rules apply.

This is different from code. If you make an addon for Blender for example it’s automatically GPL. You can still sell it but it’s open-source so whoever buys is free to do with anything that the GPL license allows.

I see how the rigify script can be seen as a grey area but personally, I don’t expect any " legal ramifications".

(obviously, this is not legal advice :slight_smile: )

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