Rigify controller deform face

I am new to blender and I am trying to animate my model with rigify, but when I join the elements to the armour with automatic weights and try to move an arm, it deforms the whole face :slightly_frowning_face: no internet solution has worked for me. I hope someone can help u.u thank you very much Pd. This animation I want to export to unity, and so I see if I do not use automatic weights, the elements of the face do not join the body, as seen in the last image


If bones are affecting weird areas with autoweights, first thing to do is to double check your normals.

Autoweights do not work well on multiple, separated meshes, as you apparently have here. One way to use autoweights on these kinds of meshes is to autoweight a cage mesh (that is a single, manifold mesh), and then transfer weights from that cage.