rigify creates double vertex groups!

why create rigify double and tripple vertex groups? i have to delete all the this vertex groups by hand, else the deforming not work clean.


These are not redundant vertex groups. Rigify by default actually does create two separate bones for each part of the arms and legs. You should smoothly weight between them to create a proper twist when the arms/legs rotate.

Really? humm? I’ve never seen any thing like that before… Can you give more info on how that works?
I mean I am use to the old… Deformer Rigg, IK_Rigg, and FK_Rigg setup…

Thanks for any Reply Cessen…

Check modifiers pannel. May be you parented the same object two times to the armature, so it will create two armature modificators on the panel. I would advise you to delete them all. Then delete all vertex groups and then parent mesh to the armature only once