Rigify Custom Shapes in Metarig

Hey guys! Does anyone know why i cant ad custom bone shapes to the rigify metarig?
Every Bone created outside of the metarig in the same file is accepting the shapes.

ps.: I just used the rig of rigify and made the IK/FK myself.

Thanks gerrylix

I would check in two places, I am assuming that the custom shapes are appearing for the rest of the rig, if so, then there is only one place to check, the issue is more then likely a result of the option Wireframe under:

Properties Window Bone Display

Being disabled, if the custom shape consists of only edges, this is the issue, if not then make sure the option Hide in the same location is also not checked.

If neither of these work then either you have no assigned custom shape, the custom shape object’s mesh data is empty, the armature option:

Properties Window Object Data Display Shapes

Is disabled, or you are experiencing a bug.

Hope this helps ~proxe

It was that funny little tick at Display that somehow wasnt set. :smiley:
Thank you very much sir!