Rigify distorts mesh

Hello everyone,

I have a slight problem with the Rigify addon - I’m using the addon for the first time and was using the BlenderCookie tutorial to get this done.
After everything was set up, I saw that the mesh is completley messed up, when moving for example the torso

As you can see, the face as well as the breast is distored. The human is only created from one mesh - except the eye balls, they are seperate.

Anybody knows why this is happening?

Blender file: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/26290

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Later versions of Blender turn off ‘run python scripts automatically’ as a security measure. Rigify uses python scripts. Open up the User Preferences Editor, and in the File Tab you’ll find a check box called “Auto Run Python Scripts”. check it, then Rigify should give you better results.

Of course, you’ll have to delete your current messed up rig, and delete all the vertex groups, to give Rigify a clean slate to start with when you press the generate button. If you saved the meta rig, you can still use it again.

Good hint - i will try that later and reply.

Thanks so far.

For everybody else who did encounter this: The solution to this issue was seperated in two parts.

After enabling the option Orinoco mentioned, a few issues were solved (missing bones) but the mesh was still distored when moving them - this could be fixed by checking the Vertex groups which have been created by Rigify. They did simply not contain the parts which were not moved.

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