Rigify doesn't work

I modeled a character and added a rigify rig to it. When I try to parent the model to the rig with automatic weights, it does not affect it at all. Also, when I try regular rig (which I made), it doesn’t work either.
Why nothing happens? Do I have to change anything in the model before parenting?

Perhaps sharing the blend file would be prudent?

This is the file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32046321/character_rigify.zip
The character is already parented to the rig, and it doesn’t work.

i don’t really understand clearly what your issue is but i do have a situation where some of the rigify control bones don’t work. I even tried downloading rigify rigs from blendswap.com and they all seem to have the same problem. The mesh parents perfectly to the rig is just that the IK bone controls, one or two never works.

You aren’t parenting “With automatic weight”

press CTL-P “with automatic weights”

Your error is that you most likely pressed “with empty groups” which gives you vertex groups but no weighting. I did as I just said and your model works fine

Are you sure you’re parenting the Rigify , not the Human meta-rig ?
The Human meta rig has no problem being parented with automatic weight if you want to use that, but it’s the generated Rigify that does not seem to have any effect with Automatic Weight (on my own model, it works without problem)

Positive it is the generated rig. Using Version 2.66.1 if that matters

That’s very strange.

On my own models (i mean the ones i modelled myself not downloaded from another source) i have no problem, i parent with automatic weight and it works :

On Yinara100 model , i parent with automatic weight and :
it does not work, thr rigify behave as if i didn’t parented it with automatic weight.

I wonder why it works for you but not for Yinara100 or me, it’s very odd, i wonder if there’s an addon i have enabled that could somehow disrupt Rigify, but why on this specific model ?

edit tried with default factory settings and only Rigify enabled and still same problem on this specific model, i’m puzzled.

Well – go into weight painting mode, you’ll notice none of the vertices have weights… when I redid “CTL-P–>>automatic weighs” it weigted correctly

The odd thing is that in Edit Mode, the problem is not that the vertex groups have no weight , but that the vertex groups correspond to NO vertices on the model (selecting a vertex group and clicking “select” select nothing).

It’s why it does not work for me, the vertex groups are created during the parenting by the script, but no vertices from the model is actually used.
And no amount of CTRL+P -> With Automatic Weight seems to fix that.
That’s what puzzling me the most, i have never see this happening to any of the models i have parented to a rigify.

I found the reason !
Now that’s something i really didn’t knew about Rigify.

For Rigify to correctly assign the generated Vertex Groups to actual vertices, before doing the CTRL+P -> Automatic Weight , you must first go to Edit Mode and Select All .
Then you go back to Object Mode and can CTRL+P -> Automatic Weight

If the model in Edit Mode is fully unselected (despite it is selected in Object Mode) , the CTRL+P -> Automatic Weight will NOT have the vertex groups being actually using the vertices of the model.

That’s probably why it worked for you : in Edit Mode the model was probably fully selected before you did CTRL+P -> Automatic Weight, for me it was unselected.

I’ll have to remember this about Rigify.

This reminds me of a bug with Vertex Paint during development of a previous Blender version, it was the same : if the model wasn’t fully selected in Edit Mode you couldn’t paint anything in Vertex Paint mode.
That bug was fixed a few time after discovery

Automatic weighting is NOT the same thing as Rigify. Rigify generates a control rig from the meta rig, it has nothing to do with the automatic weighting process which is part of blender. Not only that, but the generated rig has no reliance on the rigify addon. The resulting rig is a completely normal blender rig. Any errors resulting from trying to use automatic weighting with this rig are errors in blender’s weighting system and have nothing to do with Rigify.

Thanks for all the comments!
Sanctuary, your solution did work for me, too :slight_smile:
I will remember that thing for the next time I use Rigify, or when I will make my own rig. I think the problem arose also when I made my own rig to the character.

Thanks @Sanctuary for the Information on this… I had a some problems with this some time back and could not figure it out to save my life… I even Rebuild a character mesh and Rigg to solve the problem… LOL! … Thinking that somewhere along the line the data file had been corupted somehow and just was not working properly…