rigify ends up smaller on left side of my char

I followed this rigify tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FyoxnLG3fs
I’ve matched the skeleton, with my own created person in this file : randomPeople2.blend (1.07 MB)

When i’m done adjusting the figure i hit that magic button in rigify “generate”
But after that a small skeleton is created left from my figure ???

What am i doing wrong here ?
I inlcuded the file

Apply the scale of both character and rig with Ctrl+A (Neither have a scale of 1)
Clear the location of both character and rig with Alt+G (neither are at the grid origin)

amazing you answered me so fast, it seamed such a weird problem guess it happens all the time to newbies with rigify

now it centers well but i am stuck at another part, the bones wont change my figure ??

This video shows you what to do

well thats a better tutorial; altough i didnt mirror the bone setup as in the movie (since al was created with mirror X axis, also my model); i’m now halfway the movie, it reacts; altough some bends around sholder look a bit strange, but it isnt that bad; well not for a first time for me. folowing this movie i also got fingers in my rig; with the other movie i didnt got them.

Well this was pretty complex so far, but i’m going in a right direction now; and i prefer to learn it now instead of someone giving me the end result.

One would wish dough blender had a youtube panel inside so one wouldnt have to switch each few seconds between screens
But maybe thats for blender 2.8 with a integrated learning system :))