Rigify Error (Even after Auto Run Python Scripts enabled)

Hey everybody,

I’m having an issue generating a rig with Rigify (screenshot below).

I had a similar issue yesterday that was solved by enabling the Auto Run Python Scripts option in User Preferences, and I was able to generate a rig after that using the same file and version (2.68a) I’m using now. Today, though, it’s not working.

The following are some tests I did to try to narrow down the source of the problem. Each of these includes first enabling Auto Run Python Scripts, and all are in 2.68a.

  1. Open my file -> select modified Metarig -> Generate: Doesn’t work.
  2. Open new file -> add Metarig -> Generate: Works.
  3. Open my file -> delete modified Metarig -> add new Metarig -> Generate: Doesn’t work.

Could there be something I’ve done in my particular file that would break this? I don’t know how else a brand new rig wouldn’t work in my file, but would work in a new file.

Any ideas? If you have any other tests for me to try out that might help, let me know.


Okay, it looks like it might have been a stupid issue on my part - when running some more tests, I noticed the error while in Local View, and exiting that seems to solve the problem.

I’m not sure if I was in Local View when I originally ran into it, but if anyone else is seeing this problem, make sure you’re not doing that.