Rigify Facial lips Pinching thing

Hello I do have another question on rigify facial setup. Please check image.

on the mouth corner there is pinching effect.How i have eliminate that.


This could be because of the wireframe of your model…
Which Blender version is this by the way?
The Rigify face before Blender 3.0 generated a mouth corner that is a bit stiff and unnatural (probably meant for more cartoony characters). In 3.0 they updated the face and the mouth corner behaves much better.

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Hello @ToshiCG Toshi , Thanks for looking into it :slight_smile: , And i am not clear by “wireframe”, Do you mean topology ? or something else.

And i am using blender 3.0


Yes, I meant topology. But it doesn’t seem to be the problem based on what I am seeing on the screenshots.
One more possible reason could be the way weights are distributed on your mesh…
Can you share your Blend file?

Yes it may be skinning issue. Please have a look at blend.

facialTest.rar (1.7 MB)

Hi. It may be the topology after all. You have quite a few edges at the mouth corner. Maybe if you could simplify that area a bit it would behave better.

But it could also be partly due to the way the deform bones for the mouth are laid out in Rigify. They follow the shape of the mouth which seems to make sense but the result is that there is no dedicated bone for the mouth corner. I am not sure if that makes sense.

If you want to see Rigify mouth working well, check out this video. It may give you some ideas for the mouth topo.

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yes you are right. Ok will look into it and my be little topology and rig tweak will work. Finger crossed
. :slight_smile:

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hi, i looked at your file and first of all what i notice is the location of the bones is incorrect. The corner of the lips must be closer to this point

Then You have set up bone in such a way that in colsed mouth pose bbones are in round open shape. In other words, when the mouth is closed corners of the mouth are almost sharp, while bbones that resemble the lips line at the corners are round.

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@softdraw Thanks for looking into it. It is almost one year old post and i got surprise to see the comment. Yes it is working without pinching with Right position and right bendybone shape and also rigify is improving and we are not facing this issue anymore after facial rig update.

cool, I just faced the same issue while rigging, so I wanted to share my knowledge. Here is what I have got
facialTest1.blend (1.7 MB)

yes i tried it too and it worked :+1: