Rigify For Animals?

Rigify is awesome. Does anyone know if any developer is currently making other kinds of rig generators available that would generate a rig for a dog, or other creatures? Would it be feasible to add this kind of functionality to rigify?

Take your Rigify metarig into Edit mode, then look under the Armature Panel over in the Properties Window. Scroll way down and you’ll find a cryptic section labeled “Rigify Buttons” which contains a menu of such similarly cryptic items as “basic.copy” “basic.copy_chain” and others. You can use this menu to add various parts of the Rigify armature like building blocks in order to create a more complex (or just differently shaped) rig that uses the same constraint setups, IK/FK switches, and other cool features found in the normal rig. It takes a little more fiddling around, but what you’re looking for can already be done with Rigify right out of the box.

Wow! Thanks for the swell tip K Horseman!