Rigify Hand Palm Controller

I ported a Genisis 8 Charakter to Belnder but there is a bug with the palm controller of both hands.
When i use it to move the fingers closer together only the index, the middle and the small finger is moving. The ring finger is still. I cant find out how the palm controller is controlling the the fingers to fix this. There are no constaints on the palm bone. Maybe someone with more knowledge about rigify knows how to fix this.

The first thing I see is, why are the bones way off to the side of each finger? Either the bone placement is poor or the weights are poor or both. If the bones aren’t placed on the finger (around the finger) in rest pose, then the bone placement is poor, and I would recommend fixing the metarig and regenerating.

Thanks for the replay. Yes the controllers for the bones are out of place but they are working fine on all finger. The weights are also fine i checked them. The only problem is that the palm controller didn’t control the ring finger. Sadly, after converting the character from daz to blender there was no meta rig.

There is no vertex group for the whole palm, only a vertex group for every palm of every finger. So i noticed that the palm controller is also controlling the finger bones, but i don’t understand where the connection between the palm controller and the finger/palms is.

Sorry, I assumed that you made the armature via Rigify.

That’s pretty common-- they’re “metacarpal” bones.

I would have to see the file to tell you anything else.

I found the problem. The influence was set wrong in a constraint.
Thanks for the support…