rigify headaches

Sorry if this has been posted before,

I have a scene with two rigify armatures. Rigify insists on naming the rig armature “rig” even though the meta rig is correct. Anyway, that’s not my problem, I just renamed the first rig before generating the second.

My problem is that the rigify layer buttons and controls are only available on the second rig (in the panel when you press the “n” key), they have disappeared in the first. And the properties have disappeared altogether from both.


Okay then, (I have the flu some I’m a little slow and this explanation might suck) The easiest way to fix this is to copy the rig_io.py function (open a text editor for this) and save the copy with a different name. Then go to the armature in the properties tab and scroll down to find the Custom Properties section. Open that up and copy the rig_id value and paste it into the copy of the script at the top where the rig_id is defined. The either save and reload or right click and run (or alt P) and all is good