Rigify Help

Hey everybody, I’m working on importing the Morpheus Rig into Blender and so far the rigging process is so-so, I tried out using the Rigify on different objects I got from Blendswap that definitley worked out great with it but for Morpheus it’s a bit different I’m trying to understand what’s wrong. I got the Fingers rigged just right, the body and head needs a little tweaking that’s no biggy, but the arms and legs keeps messing up. And I know that the Rigify isn’t meant to be “plug and play” or the “do-it-all button” so anyways here’s the image of the progress of it.

Hey :slight_smile: looking at the elbow, I can’t say for sure but it looks like there aren’t enough loop cuts for the armature to deform. And I can’t quite see what’s wrong with the ankles, but if it’s the twisting, try using the IK chains instead of the FK. You can switch between them by selecting all the bones and dragging the sliders in the “N” options and scrolling down in pose mode. Another thing you could try is using the mesh deform modifier. I’ve got a couple of videos on my channel that might be of use to you, I show how to set up the rigify armature, and mix together the mesh deform and rigify armatures…so you can keep the snazzy fingers but use mesh deform for the joints.
I hope I’ve been helpful, good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve looked at your video and it doesn’t encourage me much to use such a method like that and I am aware of the FK/IK Controls but those aren’t the case. Anywho I’ve came across another problem: the right hand that I duplicated and inverted x-axis scaled from the left hand has the axes all messed up and I don’t know how I could easily fix that, the arms are that way too. The problem with the legs is that when I raise or rotate a bone on any part of one leg, it does it to the other.

Hmm, for the mirrored arm bones, did you mirror them before hitting the generate armature button, or did you do it afterwards?? As for the mirrored leg deforms I’m not sure, never had that issue before, unless you have some form of mirroring active somewhere? And if the mesh deform doesn’t suit you just try looking at the vertex weight paint mode and see how you can improve things there.
Sorry I can’t be of more help.

If you’re using a mirror modifier on the mesh, check that you’ve got Vertex Groups in the mirror options enabled. Also, check that you’ve actually got vertex groups for the right side of the body too. If you are missing any, just create a new one and name it bone.r and it should work.

I did them before I hit the generate button, yes, even afterwards generating the rigify rig just gives me the same result as the meta human rig. Weight paint mode is what I was kinda thinking.

The mesh doesn’t have a mirror modifier, each body part is a seperate object, which includes head, body w/legs, hands, eye1 and eye2, ears, teeth, and eyelashes (which I have hidden) I made sure that the names were flipped after mirroring the mesh. Here’s closeups of the problems.

The bone rolls look off, that’s pretty odd. Try selecting the bones and recalculate the roll by pressing ctrl+n and choosing an option like active bone while selecting a straight bone. The deform problem could be that the vertex groups on the left side are deforming the right side mesh. Deselect everything in edit mode and click Select for a left side vertex group and check that nothing is selected on the right side of the mesh. If something is, just deselect the left side with box select or something and click Remove. Repeat this for the rest of the bones. If that doesn’t solve it you’ll have to post the blend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t help you with the rigging, but I will say that I’m eager to see your progress on this. The Morpheus rig is one of the best for Maya, and I’d like to see you successfully transfer it to Blender.

Are you also going to get all the shape-changing into Blender? That would seem to be a daunting task.

I might as well post the blend, cause everything that I think I’m doing right is going wrong from trying to x-mirror one bone’s weight from one side to the other just isn’t working right and it’s making me, HNNNG.

Yes, I am going to get all the morph shapes into Blender, it does seem daunting but I’ve had previous experience just from studying the UniHuman Rig by Rorkimaru and I’ve learned basic weight painting when I was working with bge animations on a few ripped models. I mean, I could use the Cookie-Flex-Rig but I don’t really care much for the style of it and I know the rig was created for animation usages just like Morpheus but Morpheus just seems much more niftier looking to me. So anyways, here’s the Blend, it’s already rigged (NOT COMPLETELY) to the generated Rigify armature. @Safetyman I’m glad to hear your interest on this, I sure hope soon enough I can get this done so the finished rig can be on. Also sorry I hadn’t respond sooner to you guys, I’ve caught a bad stomach bug and I’m all better now!

As suspected, bones are deforming a bit more than they should be doing. Fixing it with my method would be a pain though, since most vertices have a ton (!) of bones deforming them. So here’s another method.

If you click on a vertex in edit mode you’ll see Vertex Groups pop up in the n-panel. In it you will see all of the bones affecting that vertex and what weights they have. Now, you’ll want to want to edit lots of weights of a time, one vertex at a time won’t cut it, but if you just box select the mesh or something the Vertex Groups panel won’t appear for some reason. Here’s the trick. First, select one vertex by right clicking on it, then do your box select (any selection really) and the panel will still be there!

Let’s say we want to fix the left toes. To do that you would first use the technique above to select the vertices around the toe bone. Next, set everything you don’t want to affect the toes to 0 weight by dragging the slider all the way to the left. So, this means everything but the left toe deforming bone. After you’ve done that everything except DEF-toe.L should have 0.000 weight. Then, with the vertices still selected, press Copy in the Vertex Groups panel to copy the weights to every vertex you’ve got selected.

Then, just do this for every bone on the left side, then mirror the vertex groups (or just do the same thing for the right side if mirroring doesn’t work) and you should have a good base for further weight painting!

When you’re done you may find that some vertices are off, or that you forgot some. To fix them, pose the rig, select the mesh and activate the options in the armature modifier (use in edit mode, apply to cage in edit mode) and you’ll be able to select the vertices and give them weights without the mesh leaving the pose. I hope this helps! :ba:

I see that, so when I drag on one of the sliders on the armature that’s on the “N” Key will it be applied? Also when I mirror bones weight to another it doesn’t seem to work, cause when I select the other bone it shows that what I had mirrored remain on the same bone. You can try that out and see for yourself. I am aware of picking a bone and the vertex group shows up when I go into edit mode on the mesh it’s just that I want all of the weights to be symmetrical so it wouldn’t be so long of a process. so far I got the Left Arm fixed to my liking as well as the right leg. I removed all the other weights that controlled the other leg and foot on both bones so I should be good. I just want to know if you’re able to copy, paste or mirror one bones weight to another?

In theory it should (and I’ve done it myself with my own rigs). With your rig it doesn’t work, I think it may be because the mesh is slightly off center. What I did was to just remove half of the mesh, made sure the center vertices were at 0 on the x axis (scale x 0, then transform) and added a mirror modifier and moved it to the top of the stack. Then I removed all of the weights on the right side by selecting the .R bones in the Vertex Groups panel in Object Data, clicking Select and Remove for each bone.

After this just do the technique above and it will be mirrored automatically (assuming you’ve got Vertex Groups enabled in the mirror modifier). You can leave the mirror modifier as is, actually I prefer having the body mirrored!

Hey mirroring does work perfect for the body, though I thought that was the x-mirror’s job (-_-’)… Now since I got the majority of the body rigged I’ve came across another problem, morpheus has a slit on his neck and I don’t know how to “heal” it! How should I fix this?

Here’s the Blend file. http://www.mediafire.com/?40y0acxt9s7dc7l

An easy way is to just extrude the neck vertices at the last edge loop into the head so they’re hidden. That should be fine for most poses… unless you’re trying to break his neck. :stuck_out_tongue: