Rigify help?

So I am skinning this character I have made for a project, and the inside of the mouth does not join the bone on the weight painting

Here is also the link to the Blend if someone could take a look at it!

Thanks in advance

Various areas of your mesh have extra weight coming from other bones far away from them. Your ear, for instance, is partly weighted to a toe bone. This likely happened because you did not apply the mesh object’s scaling and rotation before automatic weighting. Ctrl-A in Object Mode applies these, making the current scale 1 and the rotation 0. Then you can do the armature parenting with automatic weights.

Also, you can toggle on “Limit Selection too Visible.” This button is two over from the layer selection icons. This will show the vertices on the back of your model. In your case, inside the head of the mesh. This will allow you to paint on them.

Good luck!

note that if you Select your Mesh and Tab into edit mode… then select a few points (Vertices) you will find on the Right hand tool bar a Box called “Vertex Weights”… in this box you can see all the bones that are connected to that vertex… or set of vertices… that you have selected… it then is a simple mater to either hit the ‘x’ icon next to a bone to delete all of it’s influnce on that vertex group or … to adjust the amount of influence that a bone has on the particular set of vertices you have selected…

for all the good features of the Weight paint mode… some times it’s just easiter, quicker, and more strait forward to use the “Vertex Weights” Tool box to make Weight adjustments…