Rigify how to erase bones and bake animation only with deform ones

Hi there! I am sure this question has appeared before but I am new in Rigify and Baking and need to make my already existed Rigify bird Animation (300bones) into something with 100 or less. I erased fingers and no need things but there are a lot of layers and I do not know with ones are the deformed bones and wich ones not.
Also, I tried to Bake the bones I still have with the animation and only a few bones (the ones that appeared with the Deformed check active) but when I beak it, the animation does not move, so I supose there are bones I used that are not deformed. And when I exported this Bake animation (150 bones) into a fbx, slecting only the layer bones I want, then, I open the fbx in new blender and has 300 bones again and bones I already had erased. I am gonna go crazy. >___<
Is there any tutorial (not human rig, but bird or animal) that explains for dummies like me wich of the layers of bones can you erased and how to cut the numbers of bones?

Thank you very much, guys.

Hi there,
I made a bunch of videos that are specifically about the questions you’re having.
Here is the full playlist.

To save you some time, you can watch this video to understand where the Rigify deforming bones are. But don’t follow the manual workflow I show there because we created an addon that automates it.

Here are links to the addon, watch the video intro on the product page.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: