Rigify issue, cannot move controls

I have an issue with rigify, when I create a human armature, and then I click on generate button to generate the controls, and after that I click on any of the curve controls, it always selects the whole thing, as if it’s combined or locked, is that a bug? I cannot control anything like that, let alone to skin any mesh with it.

Your help is much appreciated!

Welcome to BA!

So, from your picture I see you have the Armature in “ObjectMode” - this is not where you pose it - change to “Pose Mode” in the selector at the bottom near the left of the 3D view. Then you can select bones and pose them. The clue is that the bones all show orange colour - they will be blue/green/yellow when in Pose mode.

Just a little bit of advice - in future don’t go suspecting “bugs” before you read the manual… This greatly reduces your chance of getting an answer as we that help here get very annoyed at people saying Blender is “bug ridden” when it is simply operator error!

Cheers, Clock.