Rigify linking rig issues with color groups [solved]

I am banging my head against the wall for a couplpe of days now and I cant find any hint on how to solve the problem online.

The rig file is working properly but when the rig is linked to the new file and you made a proxy of it the colors are bugged.

When switching some tweak layers off the color of other active layers becomes black and not colored anymore I made a small video to show the problem. I dont know how to fix it guys

Tried different versions of blender like 2.83 and 2.91 stable but nothing seems to help, i even tried to generate a default metarig with rig without any adjustments and it behaves the same.

Can someone help me fix this annoying issue so I can get back to animating please

Here you can see how the colors are bugged

Ok here is “fix” I found

!note: this issue is only when the rig is referenced via linking., If you open the rig file itself it does not have any issue.

Solution go to property of the armature and change the display as to Solid or something else except of Wire.

the color behave again as they should be

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