Rigify-named Bone/Rig Layers Panel for any rig (without script)

This addon creates Panel in the View3D Properties with named layers like from Rigify.

It’s using data normally only used by the metarig, to both name and sort armature layers.
Since nothing needs to be generated, you’re free to continuously modify the layers’ arrangement, and since it’s already using Rigify’s data, your setup will be retained if you generate a rig later.

This addon requires Rigify and Bone Layer Manger addons enabled.
Rigify is included in Blender, and I’ve included the bone layer management addon in the zip.

Two other panels are created as well. One for constraints of the selected bones, and one in the Properties Window (Armature Data) for naming/ordering layers (It’s basically a merge of Rigify and Bone Management’s panels)


rig_panel.zip (6.71 KB)

Cool work, mate. Thanks.

I’ll give it a try asap

Bone layer manager addon is the “UI layer manager” addon that comes with the blender build?

No, it’s not.