Rigify not finding python module

I can neither add a rig from shift a nor add a rig to a set of bones in pose mode, I keep getting “python module for type “(name)” not found.” The path in the error is pointing right where it seems like it should be however.


Are you using the same version of Python as the Script is written in?

I assume so, Blender 2.5 is running, I don’t think it will without python 3.1- in the console I have py 3.1.1.

I cant see why this would happen, all I can guess is that the scripts module is out of sync with the script.

I’m hoping then that this is only an issue with graphicall builds, hopefully in the official builds things will work properly. If I’m correct exporting uses python, and I can do that without problems.

dont know much, but because i could not find any docs about it,
try it the following way (with a new blender-2.5build from graphicall.org,
the alpha-version has not this options)

shift-a -> add-Armature and in submenu dont select “single Bone”,
select the “human armature(meta-rig)”
this creates a full human skeleton.
If you then switch to pose-mode and
check the properties of some bones, they have new variables set,
like type(and some others) to define what meta-rigs should be generated.

if you simple click in the pose-menu of the armature in the sub-menu
“meta-rig” on the “generate” button it should run and create a complete
second skeleton with those addon-rigs like to curl_the_finger by scaling one bone,
foot-rolls, complete-ik-foot/leg-moving … and so on.

edit: those errors appear if there are no “type”-properties set for me too,
the little(big) video only shows the usage, but not what properties have to be set(shure, there are many … if one check the “human-meta-rig”-bones)

Ah Thank you so much test-dr, that gets me going forward again!

I was using the wrong label from the pulldown, ex finger instead of finger curl, etc.

For some reason when I added the included biped armature, went to to the “Meta-Rig Templates” panel and clicked “generate”, the new rig produced seems to have its bone roll all strange. This is most noticeable with the arms.

Anyone having much success with this feature yet?