Rigify not generating Rigify buttons

I managed to rig a character and in pose mode things seem to work when I move a bone, the mesh moves.
So far so good, but when I try to generate a rig so I can use the various control “buttons” nothing happens.
I do get a “root” button but it doesn’t even work as it doesn’t move the character (see screenshot)
I don’t know why this is happening. I have to add that I removed bones from the metarig (bones that would not be used) Could that be the reason?

Go into the script editor, find the rigify script, and run it. The buttons will appear.

You haven’t bound the mesh to your armature (select armature, shift-select the mesh, Atl+P → automatic weight deform), that’s why it doesn’t move along your root.

i did that, and in pose mode, when i move the bones, the mesh moves accordingly so there’s no problem there. It’s the rigify buttons that don’t appear. I’ll try the script solution

Which bones did you remove?
Could you share a blend file?

i found the solution: i had to ‘pair’ the rig with the mesh again.
i thought that when i paired the metarig with the mesh, the ‘button’ rig would be automatically paired but it was not. I had to pair it again and then all the ‘buttons’ worked.

i actually re-rigged the model with a new metarig and this time i didn’t remove any bones, so that obviously was an issue.
then after ‘rigifying’ all the buttons showed up, but i realised i had to pair the mesh to this rig again for the buttons to work.

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