Rigify on Blender 2.80 with linked character, rig layers buttons don't show


I have a problem with Rigify on Blender 2.80 when I work with a character that is linked in another scene.

I have a character that has been rigged in a particular file using Rigify. When I switch to pose mode in this file, everything works well, I get all the buttons I need in the viewport to turn rig layers on and off, switch from IK to FK etc. However, if I open a new scene, I link my character and its rig and I make a proxy with the rig, when a go into pose mode, the rig layers and properties buttons don’t show.

Does anybody have an idea of what’s causing this problem?
Could it be that Rigify isn’t quite fully compatible with Blender 2.80?


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Try running your script for rig_ui.py(filename).


that’s right, I remember I had the same issue with Blender 2.7 now.
I forgot that’s how we used to solve it, I’m going back to blender with this new version after a while not using it and things come back.
Thanks for your reply.

hello, i’m also having the same problem but i don’t understand how to do that, can you please elaborate? thanks

When you link a character that has been rigged using rigify, you need to rerun the rigify script to get all the buttons back.

You can go in scripting interface, open the script called rig_ui.py, right click and click run script. That should get the rigify interface back in the viewport when you press N.


so… scripting > text editor > open? is that correct? if so where can i find the rig_ui.py? (sorry i have never dabble on this before)

btw if “Link” the collection (which include the rig) i can’t go on pose or any other mode except Object mode

Never mind, should have appended instead of linking thanks

Yes script editor, in the header, there is a field for you to select the script that you want to open. The rigify script should be in there then you can run it. There is nothing else that you need to do, this should get the rigify interface back, no need to edit a script or anything.

No, linking is good, this way, if you use your character in multiple scenes and you want to change something in the mesh, texture, etc. the changes are carried over to all the scenes in which it is linked. It is good practice.

If you want to animate your character after you’ve linked it, you need to create a proxy with its rig. Select it, click on Object in the top left corner, then Relations and Make Proxy and in the list, you select the rig. You should be able to select the armature and go into pose mode so from there, you can work the animation the same way as if you were in the character file.

I hope this helps.

I see this is an old thread but here goes: I’ve found the script in the text editor. My install of Blender has a button for running the script. I press that and nothing happens. I’ve lost my ability to switch to FK. I sucessfully appended a rig once as a collection. I can’t figure out how to do it again. I’m so missing something. I also see different versions of the script (rig_ui.py.001) for example. I guess I’ve duplicated some data trying to work this out. Non of it does anything. I’m I simply not activating the script? Thank you in advance.

I do have one scene where the interface in the N panel use to work, not anymore. There are some old Keyframes that still switch from IK to FK, even though I can’t see the keyframing or have any control over it. What a mess.

Hi, are you sure running the script really does nothing?
In the text editor window, when you run it, it doesn’t really give you feedback but if you go back to your character in pose mode, the Rigify buttons should be there.

About appending, my original post was for a linked character, so when you use the link feature, not append. However, you should get the same disappearing button issue with appending as well as far as I can see and the problem can be solved by running the rigify script.

If you have duplicated data in your scene, I would suggest that you start again the linking process from scratch in a clean scene, at least to get familiar with it. Can you describe exactly how you link your rigged character in your scene and run the script?

Can I ask you how far ago did you work on that scene that used to work? If it is a bit too old, there might be a compatibility problem. The interface with the IK/FK buttons and such is just a more a more ergonomic way of controlling your armature but it does not add any extra feature per se. Everything should already exist as drivers on certain bones etc. It just gives you access to all that in one location but if you’ve animated a character using that interface and somehow the interface disappear, the keyframes should remain as they are keyframes on drivers that are still there somewhere in the armature, I don’t know if what I’m saying is really clear.

Thank you so very much for getting back with me. The Rig Main Properties panel (hot key ‘N’) is what went away. What you said about the drivers still being engaged makes perfect sense in my experience with this. There could be an upgrade / version issue with Blender, but looking at file dates doesn’t make that a strong probability. I have in fact actually started over with parenting the model to the rig. I opened a fresh scene file and started appending objects without any artifacts (as far as I could tell) from earlier attempts. I kept the text editor open so I could see when any scripts appeared. The attached JPEG shows the properties panel in it’s current state. If this goes away again I’m not sure how to access the IK to FK settings. I looked in the different rig and bones settings that were still available (the properties panels that are in their own section area). I could not see an active IK slider like in the simple rigs I’ve built myself. I’ve got another character rig that I made from scratch. It never has any problems. I append it and manipulate it as much as I like. The movement, however, is not quite as fluid for fully human characters.

ACK! I think I’ve found the main problem, after redoing everything about a dozen times (and getting so much faster in the process). The original body geometry started with a model generated from a plugin. I completely overhauled the model, and kept thinking I had deleted all the corrisponding data. No. An associated collection kept popping up in my scene file. Even if appeared to be empty it was still causing a conflict of some kind that I think was breaking links. After I unlinked this collection (right click in Outliner section) before deleting - things stopped breaking, I think. I’m posting this to hopefully save someone else a lot of trouble. This would explain why I don’t have these issues with the geometry and rigs I build from basic parts.

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I see, I’m glad you figured out your problem.
Rigify is a very powerful tool once we are familiar with it.

Thank you so much!

That’s all good :slight_smile:

this is insane. Tried to run rig_ui.py, comes up with error. I am not a python programmer ! is there a concise step by step guide on how to get the rig layer buttons in 2.92 ? Just wasted about 3 hours, really frustrating.
Almost tempted to wipe the whole rig and start from scratch

Might help to post a blend. Also why are you posting on a old post? Python has changed. Rigify has changed. The answer is somewhere in your error which I have no way of knowing from your post.

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if you still have the metarig, you could regenerate the rig again but overwriting the older one…