Rigify on Pre-Weighted model

I have a model from a game with it’s own weights.

I used rigify to create a new sample for the foot and renamed the bones to match the vertex groups that already existed.

I generate the rig and it comes up, I parent with empty groups.

The generated sample properly deforms the mesh, but the generated rigify rig does nothing at all.

I’m very confused on what I am not doing correctly. In the tutorial series, when the guy hit “generate rig” on his custom alien model, all of the IK worked right away.

I tried using the straight up meta rig carefully putting everything in the right place, but the automatic weights I got were really bad. Animating in FK would be faster than fixing the automatic weights.

I’m also using 3.0 but I’m pretty sure the issue is my stupidity and not versioning.

Hi, check in the controls menu that you have selected IK and not Fk and the fk<>ik slider.

None of the controllers move anything at all, with IK/FK slider set to any value. they don’t even move the bone.

Can you share the file here?

Unfortunately, I just created this account a few minutes ago and the site does not allow new users to upload files

Try this site its free: “WeTransfer”

Also make sure when you parent that you parenting the rigify and not the metarig

Someone on discord is telling me that rigify doesn’t behave nicely with pre-existing weights, and the method I am trying to use will not work.

What tutorial are you following?

The CGDive multipart series.

Try transferring the weights from the original game rig to your new meta-rig…
use the info from this video and apply it in your situation…

Hello. The title of the post says “Rigify” so I’m not sure why you are providing a solution that does not involve rigify.

I ended up figuring out how to solve my problem with days of research into the rigify sample system.

What I ended up having to do was add a “Basic.Raw_Copy” tag to all of the bones that I needed to keep.
I then commenced the rigify rigging process and parented bones from the original armature onto the rigify ones. Once I generate the rigify rigs, I then need to find the bones that were copied from the raw_copy tag and then check “deform” for those bones.

Now the rigify rig does what it does and the original amature bones are parented to the rigify one, so I get IK/FK without having to do anything involving weights.

Rigify is strange and adds a DEF tag to the bones and vertex groups of anything that requires deformation. This is why solutions that involve “copying weights” don’t work. And it’s also why I specified “rigify” in the title of the post because I know that people were going to try to suggest stuff like this.