Rigify: one problem

Hello there!

This is a pretty simple problem that is driving me crazy, so I’ll be concise: How to create a root bone with rigify?

I’m animating a semi-human character using a modified version of the default human rigify armature (no legs, less fingers in each hand, and more) and, well, once I merge the armature with the model, it uses the only spine bone as root bone—my armature only has one spine bone—and therefore I can’t animate the spine, which, as you know, is a pretty important bone.

Another feasible alternative would be to use the make-it-yourself option of rigify; in that case, I would appreciate if you could tell me what the root bone is called. Each bone has an intuitive name, but I can’t seem to find the one I’m looking for. Then again, in this case, I didn’t look too hard to due time constraints. I just had to wish it would work out. It didn’t.


I believe the root bone for the default rigify armature is named hips. But even with this bone, you still have to create another bone for root, because hips is also intended to be animated for humanoid type of mesh.

Common practice is to create a new bone and name it root at 0,0,0 location, and then parent the highest level bones to root.

Since you edited the armature and spine is your root, then you should create a new bone at 0,0,0 and parent your spine to it with keep offset. This should enable you to animate the spine, and have the root bone in case you like to move all of your bones.

Thank you very much. Your answer helped me a lot.

One more thing, though. Is it okay to create a non-rigify bone and use with the other rigify bones?

Yes, in my experience, rigify bones is the same as other bones, rigify is just helping you by automatically creating humanoid bones with all the naming convention, parenting, axis rotations and location of common bones in human body, so you don’t have to do it all over again.