Rigify only generates half of the controls required

Hi, I’m trying to use rigify to rig my character and I’ve gotten it to work before, but for some reason I’ve ran into a problem several times now where when I hit the generate button, it only generates “half” of the rig controls, so I can essentially only control one side of my rig and there is no way to get the other side to show up. It seems to be a random glitch since I rig my characters the same way and sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t and I’m wondering if anyone knows whats causing it and how to fix it because it gets really annoying to have to re-align a new meta rig.

Do you allow python scripting to execute automatically? There’s a setting in the File Tab of User Preferences.

yeah, for some reason that doesn’t seem to be the issue. It almost doesn’t seem to recognize the right side of the skeleton. I didn’t change the names of any of the bones. I scaled the armature in edit mode, could that be the problem? (though I’ve read that you’re suppose to scale it in edit mode)

hmm for some reason after I deleted the right side of the armature and copied the left side and flipped it over along with flipping the names it seemed to work. Very weird.