Rigify - parenting error? Bones not affecting mesh

(Wyatt Hall) #1

I’ve been trying to get this model rigged for days now. I started in Maya with Advanced Skeleton but switched back to Rigify when that failed me. Now I’m almost at my wit’s end.

The model is a gamerip that uses tris instead of quads. I’m using 2.79’s Rigify (Human Meta Rig) with facial bones and everything. I haven’t added any bones at all. I can generate the rig and see that all the IK and FK on it works. But once I try to apply it to the mesh with automatic weights I get very strange weighting results. Is this going to be something that I’ll just have to weight paint manually, or am I missing something?

Any guidance or help would be super appreciated! I just want it to move…!

The .blend with the un-generated Meta-Rig, and another with the generated rig parented to the object can be found here on Google Drive.

Thank you so much, and have an epic day!

(paulhart2) #2

I have been using Voxel Skinning, a paid addon plugin, for those occasions in which the Bone Weighting command coughs up and error. Blender Market, (https://blendermarket.com/products/voxel-heat-diffuse-skinning) Still need to Parent the completed mesh to the created rig, as usual. Hope this helps

(Wyatt Hall) #3

Will this do good work on faces? That’s where I’m having the most trouble… It does look promising, though!