Rigify Pose Position/Rest position Difference

Hello wonderful community,
I am rigging with rigify and for face/eyes part i find that my Pose Position and Rest Position for eyes socket bones are different and don’t know how to fix. PoseRestPosition

This problem occur after adjusting the bones according to eye socket.

Please suggest how to solve this.


the question is where does this come from?!
if you select all bones in posemode and then apply alt r alt g the bones also jump! , right?!

maybe you had taken a changed pose when assigning the rig.
If that is the case I would reassign the geo,
Otherwise the original pose (in editmode) can also be overwritten in Posemode ,confirm the desired change/correction with Apply Pose as Rest Pose.
(this is not the best way to do it)

hello Walt, Its not jumping when applying atrr,g,s for now. not sure where it came from. But yeh its fixed when" Apply Pose as Rest Pose" but don’t know its after effects :smiley: