Rigify problem - it doesnt work

I saw a youtube vid about the add-on ‘Rigify’ by cessen2. I downloaded the 0.5 version and installed it. I can see the ‘generate’ button and when I press it, I get the alien circles, like in the video. I automatic weight (Crtl+P) it and it’s linked (Relations -Parent:rig, Armature) in the object panel of the model. When I go into the Pose mode and grab a circle it doesn’t move and doesn’t affect the model. So unfortunately, the add-on doesn’t work for me.

  I’m new to Blender and rigging so mabye it is something I missed.

Some info:

  • I’m using Blender version 2.56a-beta.
  • The armature is from the Human (meta-rig) because the rigids used in the video don’t appear either in blender.
  • Youtube video: can’t post links
    • Where I downloaded rigify: can’t post links
      - I’ m working on a Mac OS X - v10.5.8
    • Sample of the file(I know, horrible model, its just to try blender out): cant post links
      How can I post links? :confused:

Can someone help me solve this problem? Or tell me what I can try to fix this?
Thanks in advance.

edit: I already figured out what I did wrong. The rigify add on works fine, I just had to toggle: manipulate object centers only.