Rigify problem


I have a humanoid mushroom character which metarig looks like this

for some reason after generating the rig all spine controllers, including the head are missing

Does anyone know why?

Ive uploaded the blend file so you can take a look
mushroom-rig.blend (2.9 MB)

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if anyone is interested. the problem was incorrect neck position in the spine setting.
It was very confusing to me that spine.002 was actually position 3 instead of 2.

First you should know that at this stage of Blender 2.8 you should expect bugs and errors all over the place especially for add ons, I saw the Riggify dev saying that the code is messy and needs to be cleaned. So it’s better to use 2.79.
I tried with your file: you can switch the wigets visibility on to see your controllers but it looks to that the rig still have issues.
I am new to riggify so I can only advise you to use 2.79 it’s safer.

Hi! I am a noob to Rigify system.:sweat_smile:

I see this post,I have some questions.If you can reply to me, thank you first!:grinning:

According to normal conditions,you delete the default bone, and then redefine the bone like you want, then press “generate Rig” can build a new bone system(about all controllers,IK/FK switch…etc)?!:thinking:

If that’s the case, it’s so convenient!

I also recommend that you use 2.79 to generate your rigs, 2.79 is stable and most addons are known to work without issues, riggify is one them.

Yup it is. You can even make rig for character with 4 arms and 4 legs if you would like to. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using 2.8 for half year now and I can’t do anything now in 2.79. Theres different keymap and many annoying things like you have to make sure every time what “layers” are selected for image to be rendered properly

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Thank you for your reply!:grinning:

I can’t wait for a steady blender 2.8.:laughing: