Rigify problem

when generate rig left finger are not rig correctly.
right fingers are suitably rigged but lefts are not
weight is clear.
for solved this i changed rigify type to super finger. but it not answer.
how can i solve this??

here is the file.

weights are wrong
delete all vertex group that doesn’t have ‘DEF’ prefix in the name and it should be less confusing. They are not doing anything to armature deform anyway. ORG bones are for organisation only.
I wonder how you got them there in the first place.

I’m not sure if you know that already, but you can apply weights automaticly, and if you placed the bones correctly its going to give you almost ready to go result

Also you might want to get rid off of modifiers with the metarig

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thanks so much, I do many things to solve other problem in that process I repeated generate and delete rig… maybe that’s a reason