Rigify - problems with multiple model armatures need help

Hello to everyone on blenderartists.org I’ve been using blender for 2 years now and most of it was modelling objects but never past that phase until recently where I tried to do some figures and into the armatures. I tried to jump in to the Rigify armature right away after seeing from youtube how easy it is to setup and animate all was perfectly fine working on my single model but problem arises when I have 2 or more models in a single project.

What I did was copy paste the model and also the controller and assigned the body to the controller with automatic weights. The problem arises when I tried to move eiither of the rigs the first or the second model would deform when I tried moving it, did tried to check the armature, controller and rename it individually but its still the same problem need help please, thanks.

Hi,if your model is made of un connected meshes then you need to parent each mesh individually to the rig or connect all meshes into one and then parent to rig, you probably will still need to paint the weights manually to some areas.

Can’t really tell without a blend, but check your armature modifier on your mesh to be sure it has the correct armature. When you duplicate it will copy the modifier as is. You may need to change your name on the mesh modifier. If that doesn’t work, post a blend with the problem.


@digitvisions : all the verts are connected as one and I just used the automatic weights, im new to rigging its funny since im using blender for quite awhile and this area seems alien to me even the tools im not familiar with.

@stilltrying: Yeah I see the bones armatures in there but which one should I use? this one sets me back : ( and is there a way you can copy multiple controllers and models on a single blender project and not moving all together each with individual armatures and movements?

I have attached a blend file for you guys to look at, thanks in advance.

No file here?

You say that you duplicated the rig and model AND then parented with auto weights.

If your first character was already parented, then parenting the duplicate again is unnecessary and it will create problems. Just parent the first character with auto weights, duplicate it and you should be all set :slight_smile:

sorry I just realized that the link is wrong anyway I found out the armatures modifiers! I got 3 of them on each model : (

@toshiCG: Hi everything is works perfectly with my auto rigging and auto weights, I just found out based from @stilltrying comment regarding bone armature modifier and found I have 3 of them per model and that is the cause of multiple characters moving together and getting deformed somewhere.

Thank you guys for all your help really appreciate I have been using blender for awhile now with all non-animate hardsurface modelling and trying myself to do rigging was like in another alien world there is so much tools I never seen and heard before feels like a beginner again : )

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