Rigify Question - armor piece (Parent to bone without deform)

hi all,

im a new 2.8 user and loving Rigify, its simply amazing and im not just saying that.
problem is that im trying to bind some hard pieces onto the character say the arm or leg armor.

normally when you do ctrl-p -> bone, and you drag the IK control,
Neither the bone, parented mesh will extend (deform),

while i love the mesh extend feature out of the box, (its amazing for character limbs)
how do you setup the hard pieces correctly?

am i binding to the wrong bone (i bind to the green bone generate by rig showed in tutorial)
or are there better methods for this?

thank you for your time,

So when you move an IK control the armor piece deforms rather than just moves? If that’s the case, you should check your weights on that particular armor piece – make sure there are no other influences other than the bone its parented to.

What I usually do to check is go into edit mode and click on a vertex that is in a section that’s deforming. Then you can look in the “n” panel on the right of the interface and see all the vertex groups that have values on that particular vertex. If there are a lot of “outside influences”, the best thing to do would be delete all the vertex groups and manually assign 100% weighting to the bone the piece is parented to.

i apologize that i didnt make it more clear. by deform i simply mean it Stretches With the Rigify bone.
the 3 bone sets i could fine generated by Rigify all do this,
its not the weight if anything it behaves ideally without a problem.

i realized i need to find a way to avoid the stretch from bone. to only Copy rotation somehow.
Object constrain - copy rotation doesnt work at bone level so im still looking…

Hey, You want the ‘Child of’ constraint for your armor - un-check the scale boxes if needed, animate the ‘influence’ if needed.