Rigify Rant

Although I am doing the very same thing every time to set up the mesh and the armature, sometimes it succeeds to generate the rig, and sometimes it doesn’t. Go figure!
The latests errors I get are like: “there’s no hips found”, even when the hips ARE right there. Now is: Can’t add new bone ‘root’ out side the edit mode. Incorrect armature for type ‘utils’.
No idea what it’s talking about as I had not tried to add a bone out side the edit mode. I’m more clueless about the last part.

I guess I should forget about it, at least for now, and do it manually until I am TOTALLY comfortable rigging. Of course, then I’ll wonder why should I bother with Rigify (defeating the whole purpose of it’s existance). Anyway!

I don’t ever rant. This is probably my 2nd time EVER. But this is too much. I had to get it out of my system.
Chances are there’re others feeling the same way about Rigify, and could use reading this and see they’re not alone :wink:


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FWIW, the purpose of Rigify isn’t necessarily to build rigs for people who aren’t comfortable with rigging. It’s primary use is for helping riggers work faster.

Post up a blend and I will help you out.

The Rigify metarigs for the original and pitchipoy versions have different requirements for naming, parenting etc… I won’t have much trouble getting a rig to generate if I can take a closer look at the file. (Specifically, the metarig.) Are you trying to generate multiple rigs in one file? That can cause problems.