Rigify: Reload Trusted?

I don’t know if anyone else has this issue, but with some Blender files that contain Rigify Rigs, I always get a warning when I open the scene.

It says “Auto-Run Disabled”
If I choose Ignore, then I cannot toggle controls in the Npanel (IK FK switching, etc)
If I choose Reload Trusted, and choose Revert, everything is okay

Can anyone explain why this is happening and how to avoid it? Once I choose Reload Trusted, everything is okay so I suppose I’m just curious. Thanks!

Rigify uses scripted expressions I believe, in order for these to work you should check “Auto run Python Scripts” in User Prefs => File Tab, or just run trusted, choice is yours…

This is true for any scripted expression Drivers, or your own Python scripts. You can choose where to get trusted scripts from, say only one projects folder for example. I have a folder on my Mac for blend files off this website, it is not trusted, this is not a reflection on the integrity of members here, it just lets me check for potentially iffy script work before I look at the files.

Cheers, Clock