Rigify Reverse Enginering Needed :)

Hello, I have been using the Rigify Script and it is awesome. Now I want to study it to extend my rigging possibilities and create my own rigs , spine tails etc etc. I know to make rigs quite decent but not as good as the whole Rigify Script. So my question is:

Does anyone know a tutorial or a PDF showing for instance how the Spine ( Rigify ) is built from scratch? Following a step by step I would be able to understand how it works. I tried the reverse engineering method…but dam it is so hard …it has too many constrained bones…parents etc etc that I always get lost and confuse… but I love how the spine twist.

I just worked through the “Humane Rigging” DVD by Nathan Vegdahl, and I found it very helpful. It was entertaining and fairly easy to follow.
It gets into constructing spine rigs with constraints, IK/FK switching, automating with drivers and so on.

I will second the Nathan Vegdahl Humane Rigging DVD it is really really good many times more worth the money… he really goes in depth into Rigging and the Hows and why’s of what your doing… also on the Areas that get complex… he has yet to have failed me in answering my questions about what I had trouble with understanding …

Yeah, humane rigging covers almost all of the features seen in the Rigify human meta rig. The only difference is Rigify has a much more sophisticated foot roll rig, and twist bones on the deform layer in the arms and legs. I reverse engineered the foot rig for myself ages ago and it took a while to figure out that it was almost all through drivers rather than constraints. The twist bones are pretty straightforward.

Thanks so much for your answers guys. I will get that humane rigging DVD, I guess that’s what I am looking for :slight_smile:

I have a nice foot rigging from the book making Captain Blender Introduction to Character Animation long ago, I am quite happy with it. However the foot rigging using Rigify is lovely. How you lift a bit the heel and the whole spine twists a bit for real. May be I will later do some Rev. Eng. on that too.


on a semi related issue, since rigify produces identically named bones each time, could there be a chance of pre made actions? A few basic actions migth help a lot of learners. wishful thinking!