Rigify roll calculation not work

Hi, i want to change the rool of the hand bone, but if i roll the metarig its not change the rig, i search google and i found this:

and here is my problem:
“In 2.79+ Rigify, bones are generated using an automated bone-rolls calculation.
This can result in incorrect bone rolls”
sombody write “Solution is to change the Arm’s Rotation Axis (under Limb Type) from Automatic to X Manual” but i cant find how to do that to the arm without brake the rig,

Did you delete the old rig?
Change bone rolls in metarig in edit mode. Regenerate rig. If this didn’t work please provide details of your exact work flow on how you attempted it or put a blend in if it doesn’t work. Be sure you change rotation axis as above if you are not using X.

thx! its work!
But now if i roll the arm bone in edit mode on the metarig, and then parent the model to the rig its rotate the mesh (he think that i rotate the bone of the rig in pose mode insted of keep it in it rest pose) even if i dont move the rig in pose mode at all