Rigify Thigh and Shin rotation

Hi, I found this problem in Rigify:

Essentially, even if I activate the Pole Control, the leg and the shin are disconnected due to the leg Tweak that I have explicitly deselected in the metarig.
The result is that during the Pose I get bad results, as you can see from the attached image with further longer times to fix all the parts.
Is it a bug or am I wrong something?

I am not sure what the problem is…
Nothing seems disconnected to me.

Maybe I explained myself wrong.
When I move the Pole Target, only the shin rotates following it.
The thigh bone does not rotate.
I hope you understand better what I mean from the photo.
The two highlighted X axes should be oriented in the same way.
This only happens with Rigify. I don’t know how to tell him NOT to use Bone tweaks

I will try to make a short video in which you can see better what the problem is.


Forget the bone for a minute. (That thigh bone isn’t a deforming bone anyways.)

Select the left thigh, remove from DEF-thigh.L, and assign (at 1.0) to DEF-thigh.L.001. (Def-thigh is the upper, untwisted thigh, while def-thigh.001 is rigify’s thigh twist bone.) Does that fix your problem?

That is strange. Can you share the metarig? I’d like to take a look.

I noticed that the same thing happens with the arm.
If I move the Pole Target, it rotates only the Forearm bone, but not the Upper_arm

VBOT_con_Bastone_1_semirig.zip (1.6 MB)

I changed the Parenting of the Rig, compared to the Metarig, to make the model compatible with Unity.


I am proud of myself!
I finally figured out where the problem is and I think it’s a rigify bug.
I want to share the solution with the forum:

Just created the rig I have this situation

I correct the copy transform pointing to another bone

Now when I move the Pole Target, both thigh and shin rotate correctly.
I have to apply the same changes to the arms too
I hope it will be useful to someone.

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Good to see you solved it yourself. I wouldn’t call this a bug. I think that’s how Rigify is meant to work because usually, it uses twits bones for the thigh.But good going editing the rig and making it work as you want :+1: