Rigify tool sidebar menu missing in 2.92

Hi everyone this is my first post here, sorry it had to be about a problem.

So I installed version 2.92 the other day and Rigify tool sidebar menu missing?
Even though the Rigify addon is turned on.

I can add a metarig and generate a rig but the sidebar menu is missing?

I have tried uninstalling and re installing Blender again, but it doesn’t sole the problem.

Now I should say I’m fairly new to blender so there might very well be something simple I have to do that I’m not aware of?

As you see in the image it’s activated and no side menu.
But I can use Rigify, that’s what I think is so weird?

So if anyone know’s what the problem is please tell me

I just tried the Rain rig as well and that has no FK controls for either arms or legs. Everything else seem to work as it should.

I tried it in both 2.91 and 2.92.

What’s going on here?

I haven’t played with the Blender Foundation’s sample characters, but I think both of those use the “Blend Rig” rig and not the “Rigify” rig.

Ahh thx
That might be the case I’ve got that installed now and I found a really good run down on Vincent by Hjalti.

So I’ll check out if that fixes Rain too later. :wink:

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