Rigify (WGTS_Rig) item, can it be removed from the project without ill effects

Hi Blender Artists Peoples…

As per my screenshot,
can anyone give me an idea what the items circled do,

deleting them gives me a good increase in Viewport Performance compared to having them in the project…
The performance is unchanged when they are hidden!! or the layer is turned off…
There appears so be maybe 100 meshes inside the parented object

RigScreenshot Are these safe to delete?

These are your widgets for your bones. The widgets are the nice bone shapes that are applied to your bones. If you just want a bone shape rather than say a nice circle or the waist pivot box, then you wouldn’t need them. You can just turn them off under your armature property under display if you want to see what it looks like without them, but good luck trying to pick the right bone if you delete them. And yes you can just turn the render viewport camera on or off as needed.

Thanks so much for your reply. I really appreciate it.

My rigify rig has the circles, torso box and the arrows, spheres …
I never have the layer those widget thinngys enabled and have always been able to animate no problems…

The rig and the wgts-rig are on seperated layers…

Upon reading and watching YT videos it appears they are left overs from the creation of those items…
(Cube, circles etc…)
I deleted the item using (delete hierarchy) all the rig items don’t disappear as it’s on the rig layer not the last layer where these things end up on rigify creation.

I found that if you delete them. Viewport performance increases somewhat considerably… considering the wgts_rig has maybe 250 mesh child objects.

After deleting them the rig still looks correct and still usable without illeffect… tho basic testing was done… I don’t know if problems would happen in the future?!

Anyways here is a info
It appears the rigify rig which made them are needed should you want to use your rigify rig in Blender 2.80. something to do with the latest experiment 2.80 not having a fully up-to-date rigify plugin…

Opening / importing blender project files from 2.79 into 2.80 the rigify rigs don’t show up fully… only a few bones would show up if you have all the layers enabled for the rig.

I read somewhere that if you select all in the project… Goto edit mode and back to object mode. The rigs components show up (torso box etc)
I tested this and verify that it works.

Without the wgts_rig (ie: deleting them for performance) would mean if for some reason you need to repair/reenable a rig… It might be impossible! Without those wgts_rig objects…

I hope this helps.

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I have found that, for some reason, I do not understand, when I run “Generate”, that Rigify/Blender generates a second set of Widgets that are not attached to anything. I usually delete them.

Hey Nilford

I have seen scenarios where keeping the widget items is important due to 2.8 compatible issue.
If you thinking of going to 2.8 from 2.79 project the rig won’t go along unless the widgets are there.

Other than that should be ok to remove.

Re 2.8:
I have unable to come up with a way of after deleting widgets from a file opening in 2.8 then import the widgets from an older save. Won’t work!

If the file brought to 2.8 included the widgets works ok

Maybe rigify will be better for 2.8 over time… but for now. Be careful about deleting them…