riging a cardboard box to open-problems

Hi I am trying to create a cardboard box that I can use as a prop for my animation
I want it to have rotating flaps on the top and bottom so I can put stuff in it and then when I pick up the
box it opens at the bottom spilling out the contents

I have attached a copy of the file and as you can see I have tried to put simpler controllers on to control the rotation of the flaps on the top so far but the deform is a bit squiffy :wink:

but when I try and do some weight painting it still does the same.

Can anyone please help


Weird to use bones.
Why not use empties?
One empty for each flap, the flaps are parented to their empty.
one empty for the box
the four flaps empties parented to the main empty, and so is the box.

I suggest to move this thread to the relevant support forum.

This is why I love you guys. Straight answers to my usual dumb questions. Worked like a charm elbriga and only took me 15mins. Shame I wasted a couple of days doin it the hard way. many many thanks for your help


Thanks for your help with the box problem and now using your idea about using emptys for simple movements of objects i went back to look at my character i have created using rigify. I have added a few bits to the character like a hat, scarf and glasses. The scarf i am having problems with tryin to weight paint but that is another matter. The glasses and hat i would mostly likely want to change positions at some point like slipping the glasses down the nose or tilting the hat back. Now for the problem. It seems to work in the original file but when i link it to a work file with my other assets and scene etc the emptys i added to control these items dont come over or dont work as expected. Could you advise please. I found your advice most helpful with the box and was just wondering if i could use the same method for my hat and glasses.


Many thanks