riging problem

I just riged this Zombie I modeled and when I move its arm it looks like this. How do I fix this?



Re-rig the hand? You just dont have certain verticies of the hand assigned to a bone, how did you rig the model? Weight paint? Generated vertex groups? Hand set vertex groups? I would suggest looking at a couple rigging tutorials, they would help prevent other rigging issues as well as teaching you how to fix your problem. If your to lazy to look up a tutorial then tell us how your rigged the character, the more information the better.

  1. you should try to be a little more patient…

  2. if you want your problem to be solved you must supply all information you have…

  3. do you use envelopes or vertex groups? As you are going for realtime i assume you’re using vertex groups. check if a vertex group for thefingers exists. the name of the vertex group and the corresponding deform bone must be identical.

  4. check if the finger verts are influenced by another bone than the finger deform bone.