Rigiy Thumb?

I’m slightly confused by Rigiy’s controls overall but atm trying to control the Thumb. My problem is when it curls inward (scale end control) it’s alignment is wrong and can’t change it, is there a way?

Do I need to just stick with it & edit my mesh?

Try adjusting the roll in your metarig (Ctrl+R). The hinge axis should be the same as your other fingers, and run through the knuckle joint.

I tried but didn’t make any difference.

Can you post the file?

I’d rather not. Has the suggested method been tested?

I’m not sure what to suggest. Can you elaborate what you mean by “the alignment is wrong”? Have you re-generated your rig after adjusting the roll? Have you checked the vertex groups? Are the normals facing the right way?

Sorry I will try to clarify … I made my mesh without thinking it would be a problem, then add the Rigify Armature for a hand (just copied from an example and adjusted), then generate the controls I find when posing the thumb it’s not the same alignment as the rig, if I adjust the rig it doesn’t change the controls.

Try this:

  1. Select the metarig, and enter pose mode.
  2. Select the base of the thumb, and click the bone tab.
  3. Under Rigify Type it should be set to limbs.super_finger with Bend Rotation Axis set to Automatic by default. Try switching to a manual axis (ie X Manual, Z manual) to see if it fixes the problem.

For me also the 4 finger works good. Index finger just get side. I have check the axis for roll also did not work for me.

Blend file below in zip

rolling finger.zip (1.2 MB)

Hi atexdigital, I found that setting Bend Rotation Axis to X Manual resolves the issue. This is probably the same problem OP is having.