RigNet Auto-rigging System - A New Approach

The presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J90VETgWIDg
The code: https://github.com/zhan-xu/RigNet


How valuable would something like this be in practise from your point of view?

I don’t know how much irony or sarcasm there is in your post or if you don’t like those kinds of solutions in general. This technique could be a replacement for existing automatic rigging and weight painting techniques, which runs on any kind of hardware.
Automatic rigging and weight painting are very difficult to implement by hand as they seem to require some sort of intuition. Intuition in this context usually means, it is difficult to find general rules about what needs to be done and describing all the cases is almost impossible or computationally too expensive. Neural networks are capable to learn plenty of tasks which appear to require intuition, even though it is quite different from human intuition and relies on finding statistically significant patterns. They are not magic, but just another tool for developers.

From my point of view, this kind of solution could be quite valuable for several use cases.

  • Help modelers to find flaws in the mesh
  • Quick prototyping to try out different shapes
  • Automatic rigging of procedural meshes
  • Give riggers a starting point

In combination with other techniques, such as transferring animations, it might be good enough to animate background characters or crowds.

What I like about this technique is, it appears to be quite general and flexible. But as I am not an artist, it is difficult to know whether it would actually be useful. It may also be necessary to just make it available to artists and improve it based on their feedback to make it production ready for more and more use cases.

Sorry, I double posted this from phone/computer. This post was meant for the Octane thread. I’ll delete it.

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That explains my confusions :smiley:

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Nice reply, all the same :laughing: I agree.

This is extremely usefull, especially if it can create complex rigs.
I’m currently working on a bird rig that has folding feathers and all and regular rigging is taking way too much time and i’m running into several errors.
The only issue is that I dont know how to use this in Blender

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