Rigs for Animation Basics

Hi everyone, i´ve been following this forum for a while, and this is my first post.

Im about to start animation with blender, and i was wondering if there are some quality free rigs for animation principles, such as Bouncing Ball, Ball with tail, Pendulum, Flour sack, two legged, etc.

For Ball with Tail i downloaded “dougie by Wayne Dixon”, by the teaser it seams really good!.

Thanks, greetings to all comunity for this amazing space.

PD: sry for my english.

this is not a rig per se, but array animations are kind of interesting http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Modifiers/Generate/Array
also, check into spline IK on the topic of tentacle animations

Visit www.blendswap.com there are tons of rigs there.

Suggestion: go to a place like “blendswap,” grab some rigs, and then take them apart to see what makes them tick. There are, of course, lots of tutorials on blendercookie and so-on.

One thing also to keep in mind is that rigs are “all over the map” when it comes to complexity. The rig for a “star” character who’s going to be performing with her beautiful face inches from the camera in many extended sequences … is going to be complicated, because it has to be. The right for a magic carpet is much simpler; the rig for a steam-engine is simpler still. So, maybe the best thing to do is to just browse a bunch of examples. For instance:

  • Simple human-bones rigging.
  • Funny stuff with constraints and empties.
  • “Control bones” and “drivers,” where bones exist only for the purpose of being manipulated by an animator.
  • Fine points of weight-painting, which determines the degree of influence that a particular bone has.
  • Armatures that are designed to be used in meshes that also have modifiers applied to them.
  • And so on …

The idea being that you expose yourself to some of these ideas, so that you’re aware that they exist when you find yourself in the same “sticky spot.” There are usually several ways to address a particular problem, and none of them are per se “right.” The more stuff you’ve “seen before,” the less time you spend scratching your head.

Ppl, thanks for the replays. I checked blenderswap and i got some interesting rigs.
Heres the list:

Bouncing Ball:

Good rig, includes squash/strech controls


Nice rig, easy to use.

Ball with Tail:

Exelent rig!

Ill keep looking for more rigs for animation fundamentals.
I will be sharing my progress on the forum.